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Gum Disease is also called Periodontal Disease. 
Gum Disease is, by far, the leading cause of tooth loss.What begins as a simple gum infection, over the years can destroy the bone around your teeth and cause your teeth to become loose and painful. This condition, known as periodontitis, is painful. Most of the time, the only treatment is to extract the teeth involved.

Research has shown that gum disease can also lead to heart disease. 

At Cox Dental Group, we believe in early detection and early, conservative treatment to restore healthy gums and the saving of the teeth. We try very hard to avoid gum surgery and we have been very successful through the years at saving our patients teeth without resorting to expensive surgery procedures.

Some of the treatments for the gums that we perform include Deep Cleanings (Root Planing), Gingival Grafts and Anti-Microbial Treatments or Local Antibiotic Application. We also perform Frenectomies and Gingivectomies.