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At Cox Dental Group we do various oral surgery procedures.

Dr. Larry W. Cox does wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, mini implants.

Mini implants are used to help retain a denture or partial denture, to give a more confident fit.

Cox Dental Group offers nitrous oxide to help relax our patients, to make a better experience.

At Cox Dental Group, it is our philosophy to keep our natural teeth as long as possible, for that reason, we provide root canal services for all the teeth.
We perform root canals for the front teeth and the multi-rooted back teeth.

We use the newest techniques, reducing the risk of any future pain.

If you are having pain with any of your teeth and want to keep them, then root canals may be an option for you.

If you are considering saving your teeth with root canals, but are afraid that it is going to hurt, our practice will work hard to make your appointment completely painless. 


Cox Dental Group provides all kinds of orthodontics for aligning your teeth or your bite.

Our practice offers tooth colored brackets, traditional metal, and Clear Correct aligners.

There are various appliances that can be used, even before the need of braces.

Are you struggling with dentures that don't fit well?  Is it difficult to to keep them in place when you talk or eat?

At Cox Dental Group, we can provide various services, such as dental mini-implants, relines, repairs, or adjustments, to help them fit properly.

In our practice, we also offer custom made dentures to replace your existing dentures, or if you need them for the first time. We can change their appearance to match your natural teeth, if prefered.

At Cox Dental Group, our doctors perform various produres that will help you keep your teeth as long as possible.
Some of the procedures that are done are root canals, apicoectomy, therapeutic pulpotomy,
and re-treatment of root canals.

Cox Dental Group holds  the highest regard to esthetic dentistry.

Our practice performs numerous procedures to help get your smile to the best possible appearance.  Some of the produre are Crowns, Bridges, Bondings, Veneers, Bleaching, Composite Fillings.

Remember the good ole days, of silver fillings, that would leave the tooth dark.......Our practice ONLY uses composite or the "white" fillings.

Dr. Harlan Knight of Cox Dental Group is now offering:

Juvederm XC and Botox Cosmetic

Please call for a consultation to see if you are a canidate.

Gum Disease is also called Periodontal Disease. 
Gum Disease is, by far, the leading cause of tooth loss.What begins as a simple gum infection, over the years can destroy the bone around your teeth and cause your teeth to become loose and painful. This condition, known as periodontitis, is painful. Most of the time, the only treatment is to extract the teeth involved.

Research has shown that gum disease can also lead to heart disease. 

At Cox Dental Group, we believe in early detection and early, conservative treatment to restore healthy gums and the saving of the teeth. We try very hard to avoid gum surgery and we have been very successful through the years at saving our patients teeth without resorting to expensive surgery procedures.

Some of the treatments for the gums that we perform include Deep Cleanings (Root Planing), Gingival Grafts and Anti-Microbial Treatments or Local Antibiotic Application. We also perform Frenectomies and Gingivectomies.